Juscutum was founded in 2008 to provide legal support to innovative domestic, foreign and international companies.

We are among the TOP 30 best law firms in Ukraine.

We are known for our groundbreaking achievements.

Juscutum's lawyers are repeatedly recognized as the best in IT and IP law, anti-corruption, administrative law and process.
Juscutum is a team of experts practising the most up-to-date jurisprudence, where everything is targeted at the result, efficiency and quality. We consult clients both in Ukraine and abroad. The partnership network includes Great Britain (London), the USA (New York), Cyprus (Nicosia), etc.
Since 2014, Juscutum has been providing legal services to various blockchain projects.

Juscutum is a team of more than 80 dedicated experts, including attorneys, financial analysts, accountants and auditors

We assessed the clients' needs and saw empty niches on the market, and those niches were filled through an inconvenient combination of legal services. Therefore, we have developed new fields of practice to respond to each situation. As a result, even classical practices in our company are now tailored to meet our clients' current needs. This is the core of our innovative approach.

We also take time to follow and implement all modern trends in legal services. Thus, one day, when artificial intelligence enters Ukrainian legislation, we will remain helpful to the business in Ukraine.

Juscutum with the COVID Legal Alarm project was included in the world ranking of the most innovative law firms. The project itself was recommended by the Financial Times as a social project that changes modern jurisprudence.
Our lawyers are noted in the leading international and Ukrainian rankings
Artem Afian
Many believe that we are an innovative company. I don't like this definition very much because innovation for the sake of innovation is nothing. We want to go beyond being as effective as possible.
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