Taisiia Bilotska
  • Dissolution of marriage due to a statement of claim

  • Establishment of alimony
  • Reducing/increasing the amount of alimony

  • Determination of the child's place of residence in court/through a decision of the guardianship authority

  • Establishing a schedule of meetings of father or mother, meetings of grandparents, in court

  • Marriage contract

  • Child support agreement

  • Agreement between spouses / cohabitants on running a joint household

  • Agreement on the division of property of spouses

  • Partnership agreement

  • Preparation of a will

  • Probate appeal: full or partial

  • Recovering missed terms of inheritance

  • Appealing against the actions of a notary in inheritance dispute
    Issues of family law practice are among the most sensitive and delicate.

    Any request related to the category of non-standard situations is a personal challenge for our customers and us - an opportunity to save the nerves of themselves and their loved ones. That is why we often use the skills of emotional intelligence. It is essential for us not just to satisfy the actual request of the client but to take care of his emotional comfort.
    Minutes will suffice to fall in love. But, unfortunately, sometimes you have to live together for twenty years to get a divorce.
    Recently, the development of contractual relations between spouses before and after divorce has become increasingly popular. These are marriage contracts and agreements on the division of joint property, thanks to which it is possible to divide the property of the spouses or to protect the property belonging to the client in out-of-court proceedings.

    Juscutum also develops cohabitation agreements that can regulate household matters, the division of household responsibilities, and other essential areas of responsibility for the client's comfortable family life. In addition, the practice of family law includes resolving inheritance issues: from making a will to inheritance disputes.

    Engineering approach, enthusiasm and empathy are the basis of the solutions we offer to clients in solving such delicate family issues!

    Juscutum provides a full range of services in family law: from creating a marriage contract to the mediation of divorce proceedings, coordination of the order of interaction with the child and representation of clients in court. We work with clients of Ukrainian and foreign jurisdictions.

    The Practice of Family Law is responsible for resolving family disputes, in particular: divorce proceedings, determining the place of residence of children after divorce, providing for children and setting a schedule of children with one of the parents living separately from the child.
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