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Eco-Dictatorship Era

The latest UN climate report has stirred the world. The regular global action “Ecological Strike” took place in August a year earlier. This year it is about to be held again. Millions of citizens of 190 countries in different cities are demanding that governments take urgent measures to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and shift to renewable energy. In the United States, more than a million people turned out in some cities. And lest you think that it was just a well-attended action, here are a few more features to the strike. In Iceland, people have gathered for the march to the melted glacier. Children cried at a place once covered in ice, and this footage went around the world. The procrastination of the German government to establish the Climate Cabinet at the Chancellor caused a storm demanding new elections.

The world has already changed. The environmental issue came up to first place. It is fashionable today. And it became radical. The key message of the protesters: we don’t care about the economy, we have to preserve the planet. Preservation of the planet is a powerful slogan.  It can easily justify almost any action. Therefore, I see that we are on the threshold of the eco-dictatorship.  

The word “dictatorship” is certainly frightening. But I assure you, most people will welcome it with joy. Its postulates would be simple: no economic effect can justify environmental damage. Companies that violate environmental regulations will be closed and destroyed. Cheap goods and jobs can no longer justify the deforestation and soil degradation. For the tree cut down one will be not charged with a fine but imprisoned. Plastic straws will be defined not as the bad manner but a crime. 

A lot of people are talking about Greta Thunberg again. Some see her as a staged action, some see her as a puppet in the service of the underworld. There is a lot of analytics in this regards, and I will not go into detail. It doesn’t matter why Greta showed up. It is just time she became of great need. Eco-dictatorship needs an icon. And a young girl fits this role perfectly. I mean, it would be perfect if she stayed young. For canonization only a tragically interrupted life is missing. Then the canonization will be complete.  

Green New Deal is not even a start. In the upcoming days we will see climate issues in constitutions. There will then be a wave of tougher penalties for breaches of environmental regulations. And the amount of these regulations will increase enormously. Environmental law will become main discipline in major law schools. 

It is very likely that the environmental tax will soon become a reality. It’s already well elaborated in theory. The idea is to levy tax on the carbon emissions required to produce goods. For example, a 5-dollar T-shirt from China can match the cost of designer clothing due to the water and transportation fuel used. Thus, labels “eco” from the category of marketing are able to transfer to economic one. In the toughest version no good could be produced before it is bought. Eco-dictatorship will shake grounds of capitalism. 

It is quite possible that the Western value system will face the most difficult challenge: can ecology be more important than human life. Believe me, it’s not just a passage of a lawyer or a philosophical exercise, it’s about setting a new dictum. The changes following this shift will be very powerful.  

It doesn’t matter what our government, our president, or even our people think about the environment. Eco-Dictatorship will be the most powerful trend of the next decades, and how to respond to this trend will be a question for every business and every human being.  At least that is my view of how the world will change in the near future. And the fact that it won’t stay the same, I think, is undeniable.  

Source: British Reporter 
Artem Afian, Managing Partner at Juscutum