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We launched a charity project, "Not alone."

We launched a charity project, "Not alone."

Until February 24, Juscutum had a project called "All by herself." Irina Bilyaeva, partner and CEO of Juscutum, asked women about their stories of creating business and how women achieve success. But now, asking for help is normal, and giving it, if you can, is natural. We are united, and each of us is no longer alone. 

NFT collection "War through women’s eyes" was created to support Ukrainian women during the war.

Our goal is to show what women's eyes see in wartime. With these illustrations, we tell about the fate and unbearable pain that the hearts of Ukrainian women endured. How much grief and tragedy they live through but continue to live…

The funds raised from the sale of NFT will be used to help women who became victims of violence during the war.

We want the eyes of Ukrainian women to stop crying. And you?