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Juscutum is not only about a legal service but also about innovative solutions in the field of Legal Tech.

The clients use many digital services, like fintech, and e-commerce, and they want more from lawyers. We understand this and also try to keep up with the times.

Except for the providing legal services; we also developed the following LegalTech products:
Legal Alarm emergency legal help button
Patentbot allows registering IP rights in Europe, the USA, China, Ukraine, etc.
Reportax allows sole entrepreneurs to pay taxes and send reports with a few clicks on a smartphone.
Sudobot, which helps to file lawsuits of divorce digitally 
Covid-19, which provided free legal information and templates for SMEs
Help Center, which provides validated legal information for entrepreneurs  and citizens during the war
Imigration4Ukraine, which helps Ukrainian refugees with legal issues
Financial Times Innovative Lawyers nominated most of these products, Hague Institute of innovation in law, Golden Kitty by-product hunt, etc.
When we decided to automate lawsuits, we faced the following data.
More than 100 thousand typically lawsuits of divorce are filed every year. Usually, the court decision is after two court sessions or is by summary procedure. But, Clients spend up to 15 working days of prepare this lawsuit.
And we decided to develop Sudobot, which allows people to divorce on their smartphones. 
It allows to increase clients with these requests, decreases the price of Service and saves lawyers and clients time.
How does it work? For clients, it is elementary:
• The answer to questions in Chatbot
• Accept Legal service agreement
• Make one combine payment of court fees and legal services 
• Received confirmation of filing lawsuit
How it legally works:
• Client answer question in messenger, so lawyers have all information which they need
• We conclude the digital form of the Legal service agreement in the form of an Offer by the law firm and accept the Client. Also, the Client makes implicative action of payment, which is legally binding. 
• Then, Lawyers write a warrant and provide it to the court, which is necessary under the legislation. 
• All of this approved relationship between the lawyer and the Client.
• Then we pay the court fees.
• The lawyer signs the lawsuit with his digital signature.
• Then, we file the lawsuit to the digital court. But before it started to work, we sent it by the post office.
The next part is how it technically works.
• We have developed a Facebook messenger chatbot because it is one of the most popular chatbot platforms. So during this Chatbot, we collect clients' answers to our questions.
• We add variables in our lawsuits and make markup of the cases. So when Chatbot requests the Client's name, this information move to Plaintiff's name field in the document.
• We automated this process using a no-code platform because it is cheaper and faster.
• Sudobot generates all necessary documents to file to the court.
• We integrate a payment system in this technical part.
• And we can integrate our Chatbot with digital court API
So, we automated user experience with the no-code platform, and they love it. So, it's not a significant innovation from the technical part, but it is an incredible experience for the Client.
Also, this automatisation allows us to understand the Clients avatar, who is our Client, and analyse and predict the litigation time of this category of lawsuits.
So it is easy to automate part of routine work with the typical requests. And we help law firms and legal departments with that.
For example, there is a lot of LegalTech in Germany, and we can help you choose a necessary solution for your needs.
Also, we can help to develop your own. And for many needs, we can automate work using Google app scripts or the Microsoft power apps platform. So all of the processing data will be on the client-side, not ours. But also, we can use a no-code platform.
About GDPR, we analyse this solution complies with GDPR. For example, Bryter and Josef it is European solutions.
Moreover, we usually use a no-code platform that automates some processes without code and is faster and cheaper than traditional web development. For example, web app development can start from 4-5 thousand instead of 15-20.
But also we provide consulting to increase efficiency in the legal department. We help organise internal processes and develop metrics and analytics for shareholders. And also offer legal design. 

Legal design is about collaboration and empathy, which are very difficult to automate. Human-centred design is an approach to interactive systems development that aims to make systems usable and useful by focusing on the users.

Let's create innovation together and build more client-centric services!

Author: Peter Bilyk, СIO Juscutum