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Juscutum lawyers helped five tenants to fight out “Gulliver” Shopping and Entertainment Centre (SEC)

On 28th of July 2014, lawyers of the Juscutum Attorneys Association had managed to help five tenants who decided to cease contract relations with “Gulliver” SEC to fight their way out of it.

5 companies (Ortopedia, Mini Bаmbini, Puledro, Victoria I Home & Decoration, Antica Murrina) renting facilities in “Gulliver” SEC addressed Juscutum Attorneys Association and informed that management company “TRI-O” LLC defaults undertaken obligations, ignores written and oral applications of tenants and illegally keeps their property within SEC.

It became possible to arrange meeting with the board of “TRI-O” company and obtain permission to withdraw goods and equipment only after intermediation of Juscutum lawyers and thanks to their collective and coherent actions. 

“Despite the threats of implementing the entire amount of sanctions, tenants made conclusive decision to cease the activity in “Gulliver” SEC. Of course, the line under the relations of the parties will be drawn by the court, in case if the SEC will not wish to consider alternative ways to resolve emerged conflict. However, the tenants cannot express the joy caused by that they have got rid of peonage of the SEC”, was stated by Anton Kuts, attorney-at-law, Head of litigation and mediation practice at Juscutum Attorneys Association.

For reference:

“Gulliver” SEC — is eight-floor shopping and entertainment centre located in central part of the City of Kyiv. The centre was opened in autumn of 2013. Total rental square is 45,200 m². Following the information of UTG consulting company, monthly rates for tenancy in SEC of such grade constitute: $15-30 per m² for large-scale shops (600-1500 m²) and 30-80 for retail galleries (100-200 m²). The project developer is the company “TRI-O” of Vagif Aliiev and Serhii Veselov.