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Juscutum legal advisers company protected the legal interests of the client – “Nesatec-Ukraine” in the company’s participation in public procurement

“Nesatec-Ukraine” has been successfully operating in the television market since 1995 and recommends itself as a reliable partner in the supply and installation sphere of professional film and video equipment.

In June this year, “Nesatec-Ukraine” has decided to take part in the competitive bidding (tender) for the purchase of goods (radio and TV equipment.) However, during the filing the company has found a violation of the requirements of Ukraine «On public procurement” on the part of the Customer – National Broadcasting Company “Crimea”. By the customer were not satisfied change procedures in the bidding documents.
After refusing by TRC Crimea to rectify the situation, the administrative board to review complaints of violations of the law on public procurement of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has been satisfied the complaint of Juscutum legal advisers company’s customer.  It has been proven a violation of the public procurement of the Customer.
Board decision obliged the TRC Crimea amend the bidding documents to align it into compliance with the law on public procurement. In turn, the company “Nesatec-Ukraine” has received all the necessary information to prepare their own proposals and necessary time for it.
Consequently, in the case of receiving by Customer of public procurement the Participant’s request for clarification on the bidding documents, the Customer shall, within the first 3 days give a response to such request. The answer is provided as a separate letter or minutes of the meeting setting out the explanation. If on the basis of a request for clarification regarding the bidding documents have been changed in the bidding documents (regardless of the significance of such changes), the Customer shall extend the deadline for submission of proposals and the disclosure of the bidding for at least seven days.