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Juscutum Legal Advisers Company about legal aspects of e-business in Ukraine at the Lviv eCommerce Forum

On May 19th held the annual Lviv eCommerce Forum – a conference for owners of Internet shops and interested in electronic commerce. This year, the central idea of the event – “Proven knowledge and experience develop your business” – brought together over 300 participants from all over Ukraine.

Statement by the specialist in IT-law and intellectual property of Juscutum Legal Advisers Company Andrew Parkhomenko on legal aspects of doing business online has attracted the attention of virtually all current and potential business owners on the Internet: listen to the most pressing issues facing the Internet business in our country in the Ukrainian legal system.
In particular, Parkhomenko Andrew told about the value of a domain name for e-business and the major contentious situations that may arise in relation to a registered domain of the pitfalls of cooperation with the U.S. hosting companies, the nuances of online sales business, the mechanisms of intellectual property protection and personal data network, as well as the requirements for online stores in Ukraine.
“Legislation of Ukraine in the field of information technology and online business at an early stage of development, it is like the amoeba, which is viable, but does not dare to take the next evolutionary step. Deserve enormous respect for the individual, capable of creating a successful Internet business in Ukraine is not due, but in spite of our legal system and its implementation”, Andrew Parkhomenko, a lawyer of Juscutum Legal Advisers Company.