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Juscutum Legal Advisers Company invites discuss the proposed regulation of relations on the Internet on its official Facebook page

Today the question of finding the “point of balance” the interests of right holders and users of Internet resources is particularly relevant.

As mentioned earlier, Juscutum Legal Advisers Company became part of the Working Group of Interior Ministry of Ukraine, whose purpose – to resolve this conflict of interest, taking into account the views of all parties, and to create effective mechanisms for the protection of copyright and the rights of users on the Internet.
Our company thoroughly examines the current situation in Ukraine, analyzes the international experience. But we also understand that in order to provide a balance of interests and to uphold it in law, need the support of Ukrainian Internet users and a clear public position.
We offer our company’s official page on Facebook as a platform for discussion, reports your views and ideas that are guaranteed to be taken into account when implementing development strategies Uanet.