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Juscutum legal advisers company at the round table: “The realities of Internet-Business management in Ukraine”

Yesterday, Juscutum legal advisers company took part as legal expert at the roun dtable “The realities of Internet-business management in Ukraine”, held at the Press Center of IA “LІGABiznesInform.”

Managing Partner of Juscutum legal advisers company Artem Afian noted that attention of law enforcement agencies on a number of Ukrainian Internet structures led to the fact that a number of serious business consultants have already written off the blast zone «.ua» off.
“In their view, Ukraine is no longer suitable for the business, servers. Often we hear recommendation for the removal of hosting overseas, the use of other domain zones.”
Also, Artem Afian stressed that if the ratio of business to the legislative issue and will continue to remain at the same level, it will be doomed to continue to remain in the existing situation. “The problem of non-compliance by the authorities a long, disappearing into the distant nineties, but the situation is changing. And the laws are working, albeit not always as we would like. In any case, if we now ignore the initiative, then we risk a situation where the consequence is not even what will appeal,”- he stressed.