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Juscutum Law Firm social initiatives

Juscutum Law Firm actively develops its social initiatives in several ways. In particular, the company provides support for start-up-projects: understanding the complexity of problems faced by novice business, our specialists are ready to provide qualified legal assistance organization in the business, helping to make it systematic and attractive to investors.

Important and necessary for Juscutum Law Firm is also the participation in regional and all-Ukrainian charitable projects and social activities, thus taking an active role in community development. In such way the company acts as the legal partner of the project “Strategy” organized by the Directorate General for Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy KSCA and the Foundation “Educational initiatives.” A feature of this contest is that the first projects proposed by students of 10-11 forms, may be publicly presented, attached to the City Bank projects, as well as the chance of being implemented at the municipal level.