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Ruslan Redka, Juscutum partner, addressed the participants of the Second National Export Support Forum

Редька_рейдерствоApril 27, Ruslan Redka, Juscutum partner, addressed the participants of the Second National Export Support Forum with the tagline “Discovering Countries. Connecting Business”

Our speaker came out with one of the pressing issues of the day – corporate raiding, and spoke about state policy in this matter.

“When it comes to corporate raiding in Ukraine, we should be aware that it has nothing to do with European concepts and practices of corporate raiding. Though we do call it raiding, it does not even remotely resemble general business customs, rules and regulations. Instead, it is the outrageous asset-grabbing, the illicit acquisition of a business. New laws have given full rein to Ukrainian raiding fanciers: simple schemes are replaced with more sophisticated ones. Simplified registration procedures and extrality principle have lately become new life-hacks for raiders. Legislators never bothered to spell out transitional provisions, and so-called “scheme-users” made no scruples to take the advantage of this”, underscored Ruslan Redka.

In addition, numerous issues were discussed during the Forum, with main focus on the support and promotion of goods and services produced and delivered by Ukrainian companies exporting to foreign markets, which will encourage export diversification and increase in recruitment needs in exporting companies, modernization of economy, its sustainable and progressive development.

This year, the Forum gathered nearly 700 Ukrainian exporting companies, dozens of foreign importing companies, representatives of national and foreign governments, EU representatives, diplomatic missions accredited in Ukraine, international trade, investment, finance, banking experts and insurance companies.

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The main purpose of the Forum is to develop expertise and discuss practical issues of foreign trade operations, to forge cooperation with foreign companies, promote Ukrainian exports into EU and European imports into Ukraine.

Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.