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Juscutum Helps a Widow Whose Husband Was Killed in ATO Win a Lawsuit against the Defense Ministry

вдоваIntended to save funds, Ministry of Defense qualifies the servicemen killed during anti-terrorist operation as suicides. As a result, families of the killed soldiers are deprived of their rights to receive financial aid from the public budget. Oksana Rudnik vs the Ministry of Defense is an outstanding example among the dozens of such cases.

Artem Rudnik, 27, was killed on guard in ATO zone (Lugansk region).

His wife, Oksana Rudnik, addressed the Ministry of Defense seeking financial aid in case of loss of a breadwinner. Her husband was the only breadwinner who supported his wife’s disabled parents and their child.

Though, the Ministry of Defense was hardly willing to pay financial aid. In response to her application, Oksana received horrible news. With no evidence to support the statement, the Ministry called her husband a suicide. There were neither witnesses, nor proper expert testimony. In fact, this was supposed to mean the family would be deprived of financial support.

Juscutum attorneys offered their pro bono help combat this outrageous injustice. They made a case against the Ministry of Defence and represented Oksana during the process. Primary and appellate courts held in Oksana’s favor. The widow has actually received financial aid.

According to Kseniya Prokonova, Attorney-at-Law, White Collar Crime, Juscutum, “The Ministry of Defense save on the most vulnerable people, including those who have to influential friends to ask for help. We took this case. The truth is, it was a pure coincidence. We learned about it from journalists who wanted to help this family and draw public attention to the case. I am happy that our expertise and experience were of service. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide our support to thousands of such cases. That’s why we go public and make the complaint text available for anyone who is concerned”.

According to Volodymyr Adonin, Attorney-at-Law, White Collar Crime, Juscutum, “At the very least, the state is liable to pay financial compensation to families of the servicemen killed on duty. Unfortunately, the tendency is, the Ministry of Defense qualifies as suicides the military men who have been actually killed, and makes attempts to save money at the expense of their families. We are determined to change this shameful anti-social trend”.

Here is the sample complaint that may be of use for those who are in trouble.