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Juscutum performed a reality-show during the iForum, Interrogations and Searches in IT Companies

12998750_1074010266003916_7560203677131908962_nJuscutum Attorneys Association, together with Liga:Zakon, came up with solutions to a number of current pressing issues. As part of LIGA:HUB project, they performed a reality-show during the iForum, Interrogations and Searches in IT Companies. The number of people keen to watch the show and participants’ active involvement yet again proved that IT is currently facing real challenges. The spirit of searches was filling the air even before Lucky Labs representatives finished their press-conference.

Theoretical background was presented by Artem Afian, Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner at Juscutum, who gave an outline of the company’s recent practice and legal remedies applied against the law enforcement outrage. “In 2015, we provided legal support during 200 searches, and 30% of them were conducted in IT companies. I’m afraid, the number of searches in IT companies will only increase. That’s why we have to play with forecasts and get the business ready to deal with law enforcement raids. Organization of security is one of the basic components of good company management”, – held Artem Afian.

Our guests: Olexandr Olshansky, President, Internet Invest Group; Victor Valeiev, CEO, IT Ukraine Association; Tetiana Popova, Deputy Chairman, Ukrainian Internet Association, independent telecommunication expert; Olexandr Danchenko, Ukrainian MP. Speakers discussed the current situation and shared their thoughts on how to remain afloat and make sure that IT professionals will be able to continue working in Ukraine.

Well then, less talk, more action! They never interrogate corporate counsels, for it makes no sense. As a rule, the management and members of support staff are called in. During the search rades, summons snow in. Therefore, to win the game, one should learn the rules.

Juscutum attorneys Denys Ovcharov and Kseniya Prokonova delivered training in the form of the mock questioning based on actual events aimed at elaboration of behavior patterns during interrogations.

You have to understand that words and actions of every participant are taken into account during tax inspections, investigative activities, interrogations, etc.”, – said Denys Ovcharov, Partner, White Collar Crime, Juscutum, who performed as an investigating officer.

The training covered the following issues:

  • Fabrications by law enforcement following questionings of staff members;
  • Common mistakes made by staff members during questionings and how to fix them.
  • Whether to speak or keep silence.
  • Efficient training of staff members.

“I felt tension and excitement even during the short version of this game. Eventually, if the questioning were extensive, I would have lost the line of my answers”, said the participant who volunteered to join the game.

We know that searches and interrogations in companies are extremely stressful. Therefore, our aim is to discuss big issues in the form of a game”, commented the coach, Kseniya Prokonova, Senior Associate, White Collar, Attorney-at-Law with 10 years of practice.

“Unfortunately, in Ukraine, if a search raid is conducted in a company, this indicates such company’s success, and an interrogation is somewhat of the first wedding night, which is unavoidable”, Denys Ovcharov concluded the training on an upbeat note.