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CEO as a Live Target: Denys Ovcharov Addressed the Participants of HR Agrarian Forum

_RDK3300On March 18, Kyiv hosted the annual HR Agrarian Forum where agro industry managers exchanged their experience and discussed best practices of recruitment, adaptation, motivation and retaining of employees.

Denys Ovcharov, Attorney-at-Law, Partner at Juscutum in charge of the White Collar Crime Practice, addressed the Forum participants. In his presentation, Denys gave an outline of basic risks CEOs may be exposed to, explained how to avoid such risks and come out clean from criminal proceedings. He emphasized the importance of HR departments in the protection of CEOs against criminal charges and developed on how to organize employees in powerful unit able to resist the law enforcement. In addition, Denys got across eventual risks and possible options in criminal proceedings. He focused on a number of issues that may alert the law enforcement and as well outlined the problems that demand special attention from CEOs.

As current circumstances dictate, HR plays an integral role inside any company’s security system, particularly taking into account that agro industry has not only lately developed into investment-attractive business, but has also become of great current interest to the law enforcement”, said Denys Ovcharov.

In addition, the following topical issues were under discussion during the Forum: rotation and retaining of employees, appraisal system, motivation and adaptation, HR-budgeting; trends, complications and solutions regarding the remuneration for labor; strategies of employees’ maximum involvement in work processes, etc.