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Announcement: May 19-22, Denys Ovcharov and Kseniya Prokonova to deliver the practical training course on business security issues in Kamianets-Podilskyi


May 19-22, Kamianets-Podilsky will host 4-day training course intended not only to give its participants an insight into company security issues, but also instruct on how to protect their business in emergency situations. The training course will be delivered by Kseniya Prokonova and Denys Ovcharov, attorneys with extensive experience under the belt, including 200 defense cases against the law enforcement outrage during search raids and interrogations.

Target audience: the training course is designed for business owners and top managers.

Aim: participants will learn how to organize their company security system and protect their business in case of the law enforcement outrage.

Business security is a complex concept. This is not only stern security staff greeting the visitors at the entrance door. This is also physical security (windows, doors, sufficient number of security staff, passing system, etc.), legal support (corporate lawyers, attorneys), information security (data storage, security cameras and the like). All these elements are crucial and only their complex use provides security”, commented Denys Ovcharov, the training coach, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, White Collar Crime, Juscutum.

What are these 4 days about:

– Reforms and their meaning: State Fiscal Service, Public Prosecution Service, Police and State Defense. Rights and obligations of law enforcement agencies.

– Features indicating that your company may become of any interest to the law enforcement;

– Typical mistakes companies make while attempting to find the common ground with the law enforcement.

– Queries.

– Company’s internal security. The role of attorneys during questionings. Why is it important to hire one.

– Search raids. Myths and realities.

– How to behave during search raids. Exercises “5 Minutes Before a Search Raid” and “Silent Employee”.

– 10 steps to restore company’s activities after a search raid.

– How to use media? Typical mistakes made by top management and PR. Exercise “I am going to complaint on Facebook!”

We understand that interrogations are stressful. Business game “Interrogation” is focused on the development of behavior patterns necessary in case you have to communicate with investigating officers. Our aim is to improve your skills and knowledge insofar as possible and make sure that you’ll be able to use them in emergency situations”, said Kseniya Prokonova, the training coach and attorney with 10 years of experience, Senior Associate, White Collar Crime, Juscutum.

Apart from intense training, participants will have an opportunity to see the sights of the picturesque town, to visit the famous castle and learn a lot of interesting facts from the history of Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Hosted by: LIGA:Zakon

Find the application form and more information here.