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Mykhailo Fedorenko
Project manager

Every document filed with a court usually ends with a request. Right now I’m not going to make any requests, for I would rather like make a wish.

I wish you to fully comply with all of your best ambitions, to fully recover the nonpecuniary damage with pleasant surprises and leave all your troubles behind. Being in charge of department responsible for disputes and conflicts resolution, I believe that mutual understanding is the main value.I wish you to be well-provided with it.

Consider this statement official.

Description of practice

Our court practice is a classic model that is not so interesting at a first glance. However, there is a reason for its name to include the word “conflict”. We realized that court proceedings could only respond to a portion of client’s needs. As a rule, clients come to us with a problem rather than a court dispute. The conflict may include failure to fulfill contractual obligations, destruction of property, as well as attempts to eliminate or take over the business. Often, court proceedings only serve as last resort in these conflict situations. There are many ways to resolve the conflict without going to court. For this reason, we have included conflict management as our area of expertise.

Court disputes are a logical continuation and an integral part of a lawyer’s skillset in this practice. Their portfolio includes victories in cases that had significant impact on Ukrainian law, as well as many successful property disputes, intellectual property disputes, as well as exercise of rights through judicial proceedings. The strength of this practice is resolution of corporate conflicts and disputes over failures to fulfill contractual obligations.

We support the negotiation process, create simulation models of the conflict and its development, as well as elaborate strategies for behavior in the framework of a conflict. Our litigation management methodology allows for managing conflicts that can involve several court cases and criminal investigations. We also provide consultations on publicity related to conflicts.

The crisis of Ukraine’s legal system is no secret. It is primarily a credibility crisis. Ukrainian courts also create grounds for pessimism. Therefore, many Ukrainian legal firms chose not to develop their court practice. However, a court for me a professional passion like no other. Mark Twain once said, “Dance like nobody is watching. Sing like no one is listening…” For me, this quote continues to say, “Represent every client like you are doing so before a High Court in London”.

  • Representation in courts of all instances in any type of cases
  • Legal support during enforcement proceedings
  • Applications to international tribunals and legal support in cases
  • Participation in negotiations and conflict resolution
  • Settling relations with the authorities of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Combating patent trolling