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White Collar Crime
Stanislav Borys
practice advisor
  • Attorney services – representation of interests
  • Revocation of seizures imposed on accounts or property
  • Return of confiscated valuables
  • Legal assessment of risks in the company
  • Personnel training on legal security
  • Development of public stance in situations of conflict with the law enforcement

This year, there has been no need to keep the journal. The whole year is indeed reflected in the records of interrogations and searches. According to astrologists, 2015 is the year of the Water Goat. Yet, it seems to me that it has been the year of searches. The business has felt the enormous pressure. Nevertheless, I believe the situation will finally change for the better. The old system is being ruined gradually. During this year, we have worked hard and developed a number of proposals to the legislative acts that will hopefully be adopted next year. In the meantime, while our public authorities continue to introduce reforms, all too slowly and thoughtfully, we are always eager to protect your business. Let the next year be the year when you will learn about searches only from our publication.

Description of practice

We differ from the traditional Criminal Law practice, that aims to work in court. Witnesses interrogations, summations in a trial, evidence examination – that’s all we can do, but we are focused on otherwise.

We specialize in protecting clients in the situation of criminal proceedings both against the client/his employees and in his favor.

For us “business security” is a wide matter. It includes i.e.: training of employees, creating of security services in the company, countering internal and external risks of the company, conducting internal corporate investigations, asset tracing, prevention of confiscation of property, imposing of arrests, and, in fact, protection from the prosecution.

We are ready to help the client at night and on weekends, are aware of how to enter the premises where the search is conducted and know the words that can stop illegal interrogation. We believe in the charges based on legally collected evidence only, which gives us enough tools to defend the client and confidence in a victory.

To maximize the client’s protection from illegal law enforcement actions, we created the Juscutum Legal Alarm mobile application. This is a panic button. Due to pressing it, we receive your coordinates, which allows you to avoid meaningless communication with law enforcement officers. We know exactly where you are, and we can find and defend you.

A separate block of business protection is legal assistance to victims of a criminal offense. Our lawyers have extensive experience in initiating and supporting criminal proceedings where a company/an owner is a victim of the illegal actions of their own employees or counterparties, ensuring proper investigation and recovery of damages. Today, law enforcement agencies are unable to complete the tasks the victim asks them for. We are ready to do it instead of them and we do it better.

We preach the complex approach in providing services to the client, not limited to experience and expertise in the criminal proceedings. We do not think and do not act in a typical way. We know what an investigator is thinking about, we know law enforcement agencies’ weak spots and we do our work effectively.


• Representing as a victim during an investigation (both internal and external)

• Assistance in obtaining compensation for damages from offenders in criminal proceedings

• Defending of a suspect/accused

• Legal services during investigative and other procedural actions

• Elimination of negative consequences of searches, arrests, and seizure of assets (cancellation of arrests, the return of the seized property, etc.)

• Internal corporate investigations (risk assessment, offense audit, implementation of the anti-fraud system, etc.)

• Training on legal security (description of processes, conducting training, workshops, mock dawn raids, etc.)

• Consulting on criminal, anti-corruption law issues, administrative offenses issues