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White Collar Crime
Dmytro Onuchenko
(RU) старший юрист Juscutum
  • Attorney services – representation of interests
  • Revocation of seizures imposed on accounts or property
  • Return of confiscated valuables
  • Legal assessment of risks in the company
  • Personnel training on legal security
  • Development of public stance in situations of conflict with the law enforcement

This year, there has been no need to keep the journal. The whole year is indeed reflected in the records of interrogations and searches. According to astrologists, 2015 is the year of the Water Goat. Yet, it seems to me that it has been the year of searches. The business has felt the enormous pressure. Nevertheless, I believe the situation will finally change for the better. The old system is being ruined gradually. During this year, we have worked hard and developed a number of proposals to the legislative acts that will hopefully be adopted next year. In the meantime, while our public authorities continue to introduce reforms, all too slowly and thoughtfully, we are always eager to protect your business. Let the next year be the year when you will learn about searches only from our publication.

Description of practice

We differ from a classical criminal practice tailored towards court work. We also can question witnesses, conduct party debates, and analyze collected evidence; however, we have another key advantage.

We specialize in economic crimes. 212, 209, and 205 are not just numbers for us. We have a comprehensive understanding of the word “security”. It includes staff training, physical security setup, as well as response to internal and external risks for the company. We have developed clear methodology and advice for ensuring business security in our country.

We spend more time on interrogations and searches than we do with our families. Our attorneys have no fear of the law enforcement officers. We provide consistent defense to our clients, including criminal prosecution of those who have wronged them. We come upon clients’ request during nighttime and weekends. We can enter premises where search is in progress and know the words capable of stopping illegal interrogations. We are equally competent in relation to specifics of providing information about the beneficiaries of a company, as well as to ways of promptly finding a person held at a remand prison.

To provide maximum protection of our clients from illegal actions of the law enforcement bodies, we have created a mobile application – Juscutum Legal Alarm. When pushing the alarm button, we receive your location information, which precludes meaningless communication with the law enforcement. We know exactly where you are and can find and protect you.

This is one of the most difficult and interesting fields of practice in the Ukrainian law. It requires extraordinary firmness, constant self-development and maximum decisiveness on the part of lawyers involved. There are no minor details in this field. The price of a mistake is too high. We keep this in mind at any time in our work.