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Maksym Grekov
business partner


  • Consultations on the matters of operations of foreign companies, choice of a jurisdiction, business type and personal migration
  • Preparation of instruments of incorporation and registration, memoranda, shareholder agreements in accordance with the legislation of the target jurisdiction
  • Support in company registration abroad
  • Administrative and legal support to foreign companies
  • Trust management services
  • Support in opening corporate and personal bank accounts abroad
  • Comprehensive legal support to businesses

This year has brought about a lot of changes for me, both personal and professional. We’ve decided to join efforts with the team of Juscutum. The next year is going to be the year of mutual development and improvement.

The world has never stopped to change; thus, people, customs and laws do change, too. International organization introduce new requirements and rules; increase the pressure on business and “tax heaven” jurisdictions. What earlier has considered confidential and inviolable, e.g. bank secrecy, beneficiary property, shall now be declared. Business is facing the new life.

We cannot predict the future, but being based on profound analysis, we will inform you in advance about the upcoming changes in the legislation of other jurisdictions. We will not battle against new rules and laws, but we are going to find the way be helpful to our clients.

Let the New Year bring you luck and brand new opportunities.

Description of practice

It makes perfect sense that the majority of lawyers in Ukraine provide consultations predominantly on the Ukrainian legislation. However, the Ukrainian business can and should develop abroad as well. It is rather difficult to involve foreign consultants every time, as they are not always easy to understand or find, nor are they familiar with the specifics of our legislation.

There are many obstacles impeding the operations of Ukrainian companies abroad. They range from complicated permit systems to the obligatory licensing for foreign investments. These obstacles limit operations of the Ukrainian business to the country’s territory, which contradicts the current global tendencies of the market development. Having in mind the need to support companies’ development abroad, we have launched the international business administration practice. Experts of this practice area have a comprehensive understanding of the framework for business operations abroad.

This practice area is not just a consulting service. We provide support in getting a grasp of the legislation in the destination country, as well as in establishing and maintaining business operations abroad. Our work is based on the “personal assistant” model. We provide consultations and support on a variety of matters of the international activities of the business, ranging from document transfers to arrangement of meetings with representatives of banking institutions, law firms and audit companies. The fundamental principle is complete confidentiality of the client’s information.

Being a personal assistant means to create the most comfortable conditions for operations outside of Ukraine’s legal framework. We monitor the current legislation and warn our clients of changes in relevant jurisdictions. Confidence and client satisfaction are the crucial criteria for our service.

Learning and analyzing legislation in several countries at the same time is a separate exciting field of work. It makes it possible to see a multidimensional picture of the world. I do not discuss only the corporate and tax benefits of jurisdictions and conventions with my clients. Instead, I provide consultations based on the knowledge of international political and economic trends. I understand that our clients need more than a purely theoretical opinion with references to legislation in different countries. Therefore, I try to share my cross-sectoral knowledge with them. I can be subjective in these matters; however, it is my professional subjectivity.