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Artem Afian
(Ua) Керуючий партнер
  • Consultations on the matters of selecting the optimal organizational and legal form of incorporation
  • Consultations on the matters of reorganization
  • Development of the corporate structure, implementation of schemes for optimization of the corporate structure
  • Comprehensive consultancy on various aspects of corporate law
  • Representation of interests in dissolution matters
  • Structurization of economic transactions, delivery and implementation of economic contracts
  • Legal support of court cases and extra-curial corporate disputes
  • Regular client support for business
  • Anti-corruption compliance
  • Consistent procedures (audit)

Our section provides one of the most pleasurable services: we help to start and further develop business. This year has granted us the opportunity to bring along many people’s success. I am really proud of being the part of every project performed.

If Santa existed as a person at law, I would file him with the application in order to increase the investment in Ukraine, along with the number of mergers and startups. However, until our Parliament has not found the remedy against this drawback, I wish every reader to receive as many good news as possible during the next year.

Description of practice

Our practice focuses on supporting the owner in organizing the business and regulating agreements with partners.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian corporate law fails to meet the current business demands and provides little freedom for entrepreneurs. Therefore, it creates the need to involve consultants for legal support of even trivial partnership agreements. Our goal is to support these processes in the most effective and accurate manner.

In addition, we provide support for creating the legal framework of the business: establishing corporate structure, incorporating legal entities, as well as obtaining permits and licenses. We also provide mechanisms for ownership and asset management, protection against raider attack risks and illegal actions of regulatory bodies. We build comprehensive skillsets of our staff for the purpose of solving these issues.

We do everything so that after the client says, “I want to buy a business” or “I want to create a business”, s/he would have no further legal questions.

Attorneys per se do not create added value. Therefore, it is particularly rewarding to become a part of the client’s business process. I always try to understand and feel the nature of the business. In this way, I not only provide answers to questions before me, but also find effective solutions and support for development.