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Partner of Juscutum Attorney Association visited hearing on human rights in Ukraine

On June 12, 2013 in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine parliamentary hearings on “The state of human rights in Ukraine” were held. Representatives of public and parliamentary factions as well as the ombudsman on human rights and the Minister of Justice of Ukraine took part.

All the speeches were directed on the inadequate provision of social standards analysis, the problems of poverty and unemployment where the result is leakage of human resources from Ukraine abroad. In its turn all of this have an effect on the economic, social and population processes in the country.

It was also reported that the justice system, security services and prosecutors require reforming. Their activities must not be directed against the human rights activities of social organizations, attorneys and other defenders of the our citizens rights.

It should be noted that our company didn’t stand back. It is engaged in Pro Bono projects and protection of human rights not for the first year. In particular, Denys Ovcharov is an attorney, partner of the legal business security practice of Juscutum Attorney Association was present on the hearings. Within this practice company specialists are implementing complex projects to optimize the business structure, improve its security, secure ownership of assets, legal protection, top management, document management and the introduction of the legal information protection. In Mr. Ovcharov opinion the raised issues are extremely important however the successes of Ukraine in this issue remain highly modest.