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Juscutum Wishes You Happy New Year and Marry Christmas


Dear clients and readers, as the year ends, you are in a rush to carry through with your business, get out of any debts, close all the current projects and finally get prepared for holidays. Let us remind you that despite of all the pre-festive rush, you are entitled to at least the following:

– to smell the tangerines;

– to find presents under the fur tree;

– to spend some time with your family and friends;

– to make a snowman*;

– to carve the paper snowflakes**;

– enter into and take delight in the festive spirit.

* if snow is available

** whether snow is available or not

So let these rights be never violated! Next year, we will deal with all the rest together.

Happy New Year!

It was a challenging year. However, none of the last 24 years can be referred to as an easy one for our country. What really matters is that this year has given us the opportunity to carry out loads of projects and plan even more for the next year. We welcome the thought that during the departing year, we have managed to help you either in word or in deed. Next year, we will do our best to maximize our efficiency. What is more, we hope to surprise you to the upside. This festive doodle is just one among many ideas providing an opportunity for you to look at lawyers with a different eye. If you want to go back to our regular page, just click the button “Turn off doodle”. Following the end of holidays, you will no longer see this Doodle here.

Yours Juscutum