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Dmytro Gadomsky headed the IT Law Committee of the IT Lviv Cluster

Last week the IT industry acquired another platform for the legal support of business and rulemaking. During its session the General Meeting of the IT Lviv Cluster adopted a decision to establish the IT law Committee. Dmytro Gadomsky, attorney-at-law and a partner of the Juscutum Attorneys Association, was elected as the head of the Committee. A number of famous lawyers from international and local Lviv IT companies, which were already members of the Cluster, joined the newly created Committee.

During the meeting, Dmytro presented the concept of the Committee and described its key differences from the similar committees in other core associations:

There are very few Ukrainian IT lawyers, which, however, does not stop them from generating thousands of legal positions on a variety of issues. As you may know: two lawyers have three positions. During the development of the concept of the IT Law Committee Stepan Veselovskiy and I were primarily concerned with the need to coordinate all the activities in this field and to help develop the branch in coordination. We plan to focus on several key issues in the lawmaking field. Currently we are still considering the particular issues, but we tried to project the innovative and technological reputation of Lviv onto ourselves, therefore we are planning to work either on legalization on electronic documents or crypto-currency, or on the adaptation of legislation on artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, our natural legal intelligence will take a stand against the officials in their attempts to apply their old methods to IT companies, methods which are traditional for Ukraine but quite bizarre for Europe.”  – mentioned Dmytro Gadomsky, attorney-at-law, partner of IT & media practice of Juscutum Attorneys Association.