Tax accounting can be submitted through court

District Administrative Court of Kiev decided a judicial decision in favor of the LC “Juscutum” client at the suit on invalidating the action with respect to non-recognition of tax returns on value-added tax and the recognition of a VAT return as a tax return. This decision actually opened up the possibility of taxpayers to solve … Continue reading

Cancellation of a big additional charging of tax

The Legal company “Juscutum” successfully carried out the accompaniment of judicial contest with the State Tax Service, which resulted in cancelling additional charging of tax liabilities for VAT in excess of 10 mln. hrn.

The land of The Botanical Garden was protected

District Administrative Court of Kyiv cancelled the decision of the Kiev city council about the allotment of land on the territory of the N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden. Interest intermediation of the botanical garden was carried out by the LC «Juscutum» lawyers.

The testimony of the Director in case of invalidation the state registration of legal entities are not crucial

District administrative court of Kiev rejected the claim of the State Tax Service for invalidation the state registration of legal entities. The L.C. «Juscutum» specialists succeeded to prove that evidences of the officials about the fictitious nature of the enterprise’s activity are not sufficient to cancel the state registration.

Not the preliminary uniform

Some words in protection of the repeated cassation

Article is in Russian «Несколько слов в защиту повторной кассации» // «Судебно-юридическая газета» – №49 от 16.08.2010 г., Афян А.А. (ru)«Кілька слів на захист повторної касації» / / «Судово-юридична газета» – № 49 від 16.08.2010 р., Афян А.А. (ru)“A few words in defense of the re-appeal” / “Judicial and legal newspaper” – № 49, 16.08.2010, Artem … Continue reading

SportLife network extension

A rental deal and a contract to attract investment banking were made under accompaniment of the Legal company “Juscutum”. As a result of the deal the fitness-club network «SportLife» was extended for one more club in Kiev.

The untouchable enterprises

Conditional bonus

The custom allows

Article is in Ukrainian «Митниця дає добро» // Газета «Юридичний вісник України» – №7, 2009 р., Афян А.А., Ільїн О.П. (ua)«Таможня дает добро» / / Газета «Юридический вестник Украины» – № 7, 2009 г., Афян А.А., Ильин А.П. (ua)“The custom allows” / / Newspaper “Legal Gazette of Ukraine» – № 7, 2009, Artem Afyan, Alexander Iliyin … Continue reading