The Ukrainian companies have launched a bot for legal advice in cryptosphere

The Juscutum Law Firm, the developer of Cryptogroup cryptographic software and supplier of Paytomat software for cryptocurrency payments, announced the launch of the AILO bot for consultation in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Paytomat representatives reported it to AIN.UA. AILO is a chat-bot based on artificial intelligence, which provides advice for cryptosphere companies. This … Continue reading

Privacy of Things: Which Security Requirements to Consider for the Smart Devices’ Manufacturing

On September 28, 2018, the state of California approved the bill regulating privacy and security issues in one of the leading sectors of the tech industry — the Internet of Things or, simply said, smart devices. While progress-minded appliance makers talk about the magic benefits of the smart fridge, the IoT law will regulate its … Continue reading

Risks and consequences of listing El Petro. Legal recommendations

From the 5th of November the public sale of El Petro has been started. On the first day of its private sale President Maduro allegedly stated that it reached 735 000 000 USD. This news shook the crypto community and the exchanges definitely were thinking about potential listing of El Petro. Here we analysed the risks and … Continue reading

(Ua) Як змусити персонажа заробляти гроші. Ігор Шишко

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(Ua) 10 європейських країн для успішного проведення ICO. Юлія Штабська

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(Ua) Чи є криптовалюті місце в податковій системі України? Наталія Радченко. Галина Пилипенко

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“The choice is between 19.5% and any other less figure”: what changes will a draft law on cryptocurrency tax bring. Artem Afian

Last week, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law No. 9083 “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on taxation of transactions with virtual assets in Ukraine”. Juscutum’s Managing Partner  Artem Afian explains what changes will the draft law on cryptocurrencies provide for Ukraine and why this document is a step in the right … Continue reading

Crypto regulation genesis in Ukraine. Nestor Dubnevich

In the spring of 2017, the world’s first legislative act determining the legal status of virtual assets was adopted. Japan was the pioneer country in crypto regulation. During this year, five more countries of this kind appeared on the world map: Gibraltar, Malta, Belarus, and Kazakhstan were added. Liechtenstein, South Korea and… Ukraine are at … Continue reading

Blockchain and Privacy by Design as one of GDPR principles: is coexistence possible? Nestor Dubnevich

In early summer, online services users started receiving dozens of emails from websites/apps with a request to re-grant permission for processing their personal data. The reason was for the entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and, as a consequence, the need to update policies and procedures for the handling of users’ … Continue reading

“Privacy by Design” or Blockchain Transparency: Who Wins?

By Nestor Dubnevych – Head of Blockchain Practice, Juscutum, for The Fintech Times. On the day GDPR came into force, tech giant Facebook faced a fine for GDPR violation. The violation stemmed from the technology and the processes of data storage. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg’s company received a notification about the violation, as the … Continue reading


Senior lawyer and blockchain practice leader of Juscutum JSC Nestor Dubnevich talks about blockchain’s role in Ukraine’s development, cryptoanarchists’ need for lawyers and whether it is easy to launder money through cryptocurrency. – How long have you been familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain matter? — I heard about bitcoin in 2014 for the first time. … Continue reading


Rapid development of information technologies allows each person to post information on the worldwide web promptly and without any effort, to disseminate it among unlimited range of people and easily obtain access to almost any data. It is due to this scheme of people’s interaction with the Internet, the latter has become the ground for … Continue reading

(RU) Более 2000 ICO за два года: как будет развиваться индустрия на фоне жесткого регламента защиты данных. Нестор Дубневич, Владислав Некрутенко

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(RU) Почему рынок криптовалют должна регулировать Комиссия по ценным бумагам. Нестор Дубневич

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(RU) Личные данные и blockchain: чем грозит технологии новый закон. Екатерина Карасева

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