(Ua) Juscutum Case: Договір з Ніком Вучичем

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(RU) Конфиденциальность – самый надежный способ разглашения?

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(RU) Чему скандал с Maruv и «Евровидением» должен научить предпринимателей

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(RU) Юристов заменят ботами. И сделают это украинцы – Артем Афян для UBR

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(Ua) Все буде українською. Що зміниться для бізнесу з прийняттям закону про мову. Руслан Редька, Марина Кислощаєва

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Asset Tokenisation, Infrastructure Development and Far More Regulation

2018 was the year of ICOs in the news and a cryptocurrency crash following the sell-off of the most cryptocurrencies from January 2018. After an unprecedented boom 2 years earlier, bitcoin market capitalisation fell below $100 billion from 2017. Perhaps even worse than the falling prices is the uncertainty over where crypto’s headed next. Kate … Continue reading

(Ua) Робота над саундтреком в фільмі: як очистити права на музику. Наталія Дика

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(Ua) Сніговий ком: чому зростає кількість позовів до ICO-проектів. Микита Новіков. Олександр Синиця

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(Ua) Захист даних, телекомунікації та інтелектуальна власність: знакові судові спори – 2018. Ігор Шишко

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Changes in regulation for cryptocurrency in 2019. Julia Shtabska. Nikita Novikov. Oleksandr Synytsia

What awaits the cryptocurrency market in 2019? Development of cryptocurrency related financial instruments, establishment of highly liquid platforms through institutional exchanges, tokenisation of securities, corporate rights, and enterprise operations are some of the activities from a list of innovations that we expect from the cryptocurrency market in the upcoming year. Here is a roundup of … Continue reading

(Ua) Аудит щодо захисту персональних даних. З чого починати GDPR Compliance? Катерина Карасьова

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Changes introduced by regulators: what expects cryptocurrency market in 2019. Yulia Shtabskaya. Nikita Novikov. Aleksandr Sinitsa

Regulation of new financial tools for cryptocurrencies, creation of more liquid platforms at the expense of institutional exchanges, securities tokenization, corporate rights, and enterprises operation – it is not a complete list of innovations we expect from the regulators of the cryptocurrency market. The Juscutum team has prepared a large detailed article concerning all the … Continue reading

A new trend in digital assets regulation. Aleksandr Sinitsa

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave serious consideration to the regulation of the cryptocurrency investment market this year. As a result, several ICO projects were fined, and Elon Musk had to leave the post of the head of the Tesla Board of Directors. Aleksandr Sinitsa, Junior Associate of the Blockchain Practice of Juscutum … Continue reading

Privacy of Things: security requirements to be considered when creating a smart device. Vladislav Nekrutenko

On September 28, 2018, California approved a bill regulating the issues of privacy and security in one of the leading sectors of the technical industry – the Internet of Things (IoT). While progressive home appliance manufacturers talk about the magical benefits of a smart fridge, California law will regulate their “dark” side — the use … Continue reading

The Ukrainian companies have launched a bot for legal advice in cryptosphere

The Juscutum Law Firm, the developer of Cryptogroup cryptographic software and supplier of Paytomat software for cryptocurrency payments, announced the launch of the AILO bot for consultation in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Paytomat representatives reported it to AIN.UA. AILO is a chat-bot based on artificial intelligence, which provides advice for cryptosphere companies. This … Continue reading