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“We are the producers for celebrities in the world of law. Our approach is to create a constellation that will shine brighter than all individual stars. We are looking not for cogs in the system, but for people who, together with us, will create the tomorrow’s world of law,” says Artem Afian, Managing Partner of Juscutum.

We don’t have a clear picture of our ideal candidate. There are no “3 years of experience, 10 years of proven track record and 20 years of slavery”. We are not even sure that we will ask for your diploma of higher education in Law. We are looking for smart guys. Anything else can be taught. We don’t look at your rating: today, it’s not your knowledge that has value, it’s your capability of using information that matters. Well-bred speech and spelling skills are important as well.

No requirements for your résumé, CV, references from previous jobs. You can send us a Word document or a PDF file, or you can record a video. Anyway, we will look only at you personally.

During the interview, we try to see a spark and potential in candidates so that we could bring them to light. We can say only one thing: it is impossible to work with us if you don’t love jurisprudence, if you don’t devote yourself to the profession every single day. We don’t need homogeneous staff, we want everyone in our constellation to shine brightly and differently.


Our company is rapidly growing and developing. Even if we do not have an open vacancy today, we are always ready to consider vibrant and talented professionals in the field of law, audit, finance, HR, marketing and PR.

Students and graduates who want to hone their skills in real, “live” world of law can participate in our internship program. Not necessarily in the summer. We can offer a 1-1.5 months part-time internship program during which you can combine your internship with studies. Do you want to take a fresh look at the process of your studies? Then go for it!


  1. In 2016, we entered the Top 10 Dream Employers among law firms
  2. In 2017 we achieved the title of exemplary employer from the Business magazine, KyivPost та Sic Group
  3. We do not force employees to work 10 or more hours per day. But we do our best so that intensive work could bring them pleasure.
  4. Our employees always learn the fundamentals of management and a lot more. We invest in training of our team.
  5. There are a table football table, a video game console, and a chess in our office. We have corporate football, volleyball and marathon teams. We are the best runners among lawyers.
  6. We believe that a background in Law Enforcement is rather a disadvantage in your CV. We are lawyers, after all, from top to toe, we have a very big difference in worldview. However, it doesn’t mean that we are not willing to consider a good applicant.
  7. Hiring new staff, we disapprove of nepotism and cronyism. But, we can tell cronies where you can email your CV.
  8. Please send your CV to: dream-team@juscutum.com