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Juscutum Attorneys Association Company Joins World IT Lawyers (WITL)

Juscutum Attorneys Association is the first and so far the only major law firm providing services to innovation businesses. In April, Juscutum and World IT Lawyers (WITL) met for the final round of negotiations, where Juscutum’s membership request was granted unanimously by all member companies.

Founded in 1999, WITL currently has a network of 13 law firms from around the world. Membership is limited to one firm per country (normally it is one of the top 10 firms in a country’s Best Law Firms ranking).

“We cannot deliver effective legal services to our clients, unless our expertise spreads beyond Ukraine,” says Dmytro Gadomsky, IT and Media Law practice partner. “Innovation business is international with all it entails. We cannon mislead our clients by telling them that we have extensive knowledge of the Malta laws and can arrange a license to open an online casino. Neither can we leave our clients dealing with Maltese lawyers on their own.”

“That is why we started looking for an organization that could fill this gap. Obviously, we were also interested in finding a way to gain new expertise, because Europe and the U.S. have much more developed IT and innovation industry compared with Ukraine. As a result, European and American lawyers are considerably more experienced in this field,” Dmytro Gadomsky pointed out.