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Artem Afian

It was a challenging year. However, none of the last 24 years can be referred to as an easy one for our country. What really matters is that this year has given us the opportunity to carry out loads of projects and plan even more for the next year. We welcome the thought that during the departing year, we have managed to help you either in word or in deed. Next year, we will do our best to maximize our efficiency.


Dear clients and readers, as the year ends, you are in a rush to carry through with your business, get out of any debts, close all the current projects and finally get prepared for holidays. Let us remind you that despite of all the pre-festive rush, you are entitled to at least the following:

– to smell the tangerines;

– to find presents under the fur tree;

– to spend some time with your family and friends;

– to make a snowman*;

– to carve the paper snowflakes**;

– enter into and take delight in the festive spirit.

* if snow is available

** whether snow is available or not


So let these rights be never violated! Next year, we will deal with all the rest together.

Happy New Year!



A classical image of a lawyer is a serious frowny 40-50 year-old person wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. This person knows and talks about things that others do now know.

A modern lawyer is different, however Spots of grey hair may not come with a certain meaning. The value lies in the ability to think about the law in a holistic manner, see the whole picture, and analyze the situation.

Due to these archaic notions, low-quality legal services in Ukraine come with an unreasonably high price. For instance, in 2008, when we established Juscutum, we only realized that the legal market in Ukraine was in need of new approaches.

We assessed the clients’ needs and saw empty niches on the market, and those niches were filled through an inconvenient combination of legal services. Therefore, we have developed new fields of practice to respond to each individual situation. Even classical practices in our company are now tailored to meet the current needs of our clients. This is the core of our innovative approach.

There was a need in consultants capable of “translating” legal language into terms that are understandable to the business. Therefore, we then started the IT practice, the media law practice, as well as the legal business security practice. Those were the areas of expertise driving our further development. Today, each practice can provide a clear answer as to how can one and who exactly can benefit from our services.

We provide our staff with training in management and business processes so they can provide a specific business with an applicable advice in concrete circumstances rather than simply refer to general legal provisions.

We also take time to follow and implement all modern trends in legal services so that one day, when artificial intelligence enters Ukrainian legislation, we will remain useful to the business in Ukraine.

Membership in associations and professional unions

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Few more facts about Juscutum

The name Juscutum comes from Latin words “jus” – “law” and “scutum” – “a legionary shield”. We like the idea that a law can and must protect as reliably as a shield, and that a wise and well-coordinated work leads to success comparable to that of a Roman infantry.

Only 15% of clients pronounce the name Juscutum correctly for the first time.

The history of Juscutum started with two people in 2008. Now, there are more than 50 people in our team, and we continue growing.

The mean age of Juscutum team is 35 years. The average group IQ coefficient of the team is 127.

In 2015, Juscutum was ranked among the top five legal firms in the fields of IT and business security.

Juscutum operates in accordance with the “green office” principle.

Juscutum is the first legal firm in Ukraine to accept Bitcoin payments.

Juscutum is the first company in Ukraine to provide legal services to start-ups in exchange for an option.

Juscutum launched the first legal-service mobile application in Ukraine – the Juscutum Legal Alarm.

Professional liability of Juscutum is covered by insurance.