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On the 25th of July in the City of Dnepropetrovsk Juscutum’s at-torneys-at-law are holding workshop: Tactics and practicum of passing through inspections of all degrees by the enterprise in 2014

On 25th of July, in the City of Dnepropetrovsk, lawyers of Juscutum Attorneys Association Denys Ovcharov and Andrii Fomichov are holding the seminar in the course of all-Ukrainian network of practical works of “LIGA:ZAKON” company on the topic of: “Tactics and practicum of passing through inspections of all degrees by an enterprise in 2014”.

No one cancelled inspections!

After certain delay stipulated by social-political situation in the country and “reset” of the powers, inspection officers resumed their eager activities. The most unpleasant things — are conjoint inspections of law enforcement and inspection bodies. Now it’s time to remember that legal security of business is one of the key factors of its preservation and further development and, in particular cases, of personal freedom…

The new workshop program includes:

• Law enforcement bodies working modalities-2014. How their transformation will affect business?
• Tax audits. What to be prepared for in the second half of 2014?
• How to react to the requests on furnishing documents?
• Arrangements of access and procedure of furnishing documents. Practical aspects
• Preventive actions and modalities of enterprise employees’ preparation to inspections
• Tactics of personnel behaviour during search, interrogation. 10 effective tips on the interrogation as a witness or a suspect
• How to record violations under inspection of the enterprise? Court practice
• Current court practice of inspections’ appealing
• Current legal risks for the officials. Mistakes of the officials
• 2014 court cases with absolutory sentences on Art. 212 of the CC of Ukraine


Denys Ovcharov, attorney-at-law, partner of business legal security practice of Juscutum Attorneys Association

AREA OF PRACTICE: Resolution of disputes, conflicts with regulatory, law enforcement and other bodies


Denys Ovcharov, having more than 10 years of experience in legal practice, is nowadays leading specialist in cases of economic crimes. Denys has developed special step-by-step instructions for the business about how to behave under inspections, searches, interrogations. He works with the major companies both in Ukrainian and international market. He Pro Bono conducted the case of Vradiievsky movement coordinator Vasyl Liubarets on his struggle for legal rights against militia iniquity. Now, he is part of coordination working group on legal support of the journalists injured at Bankova Street, and also of working group on recovery of authorities to the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

 “Legal security of business is a separate area of attorney-at-law practice intended to fight against risks of criminal cases along with prompt response to problems with law enforcement bodies that already emerged” — Denys Ovcharov assumes.

Andrii Fomichev, attorney-at-law, head of the taxation law practice of Juscutum Attorneys Association

AREA OF PRACTICE: Resolution of disputes with taxation and customs bodies, consulting in taxation questions, taxation advocacy


Andrii Fomichov, having 10 years of experience of legal practice in the area of taxation law, is concerned with representing interests and protection of legal rights in disputes with taxation (including financial investigation departments) and customs bodies. The work experience includes pleading cases under refunding of VAT, disputes on application and implementation of general and simplified taxation systems, cancellation of rulings under charging additional tax liabilities.

Being tax attorney-at-law, Andrii supports criminal proceedings on economic crimes such as: Art. 209 “Legitimization (laundering) of proceeds of crime”, Art. 212 “Evasion of taxes, levies, other obligatory payments” and others. He takes part in development of the bill on tax compromise.

The area of taxation law is the most in-demand one in the aspect of explanatory and law-enforcement work, and approach and harmonization of it with European legislation will take even more consultations and protection of taxpayers” — Andrii Fomichov assumes.

See the web-site for details of the practical work and registration