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On 22nd of July, Denys Ovcharov is holding workshop: Masks-show is back or new excuses for searches

On 22nd of July in the City of Kiev, the lawyer of Juscutum Attorneys Association, Denys Ovcharov is holding the seminar in the course of all-Ukrainian workshops network of the company “LIGA:ZAKON” on the topic: ”New excuses for searches. Building-up legal safety system within a company”.

Welcome new images and excuses: Alpha and terrorism financing. Epistolary decorum under the communication with Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). Those currently trendy are: searching for “friends of the family” and accusations in terrorism financing.

What, where, when and, the most important, HOW to stand successfully against iniquity of law enforcement bodies you will find out at our workshop.

Workshop schedule includes:

∙ Unspoken investigative actions used by SSU officers under Criminal Procedural Code (CPC) of Ukraine

∙ Peculiarities of the search with participation of “Alpha” special service

∙ Ways to return property withdrawn under the search

∙ Appeal of company accounts arrest

∙ Peculiarities of criminal proceeding under the Art. 191 of the Criminal Code (CC) of Ukraine

∙ Examples and analysis of requests. Procedure for filing documents defined by investigating judge

∙ Peculiarities of forensic medical examination

∙ Practical recommendations for business


Denys Ovcharov, attorney-at-law, partner of business legal security practice of Juscutum Attorneys Association

AREA OF PRACTICE: Resolution of disputes, conflicts with regulatory, law enforcement and other bodies


Denys Ovcharov, having more than 10 years of experience in legal practice, is nowadays the leading specialist in cases of economic crimes. Denys has developed special step-by-step instructions for the business about how to behave under inspections, searches, interrogations. He works with the major companies both in Ukrainian and international market. He Pro Bono conducted the case of Vradiyevskiy movement coordinator Vasyl Lyubarets on his struggle for legal rights against militia iniquity.

Now, he is part of coordination working group on legal support of the journalists injured at Bankova Street, and also of working group on recovery of authorities to the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

“Legal security of business is a separate area of attorney-at-law practice intended to fight against risks of criminal cases along with prompt response to problems with law enforcement bodies that already emerged” — Denys Ovcharov assumes.

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