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On July 13, 2013 a web conference “Seminar-workshop for hackers who wants to surrender to the police” will take place

On July 13, 2013 Attorneys Association Juscutum invites you to participate in a web conference “Seminar-workshop for hackers who wants to surrender to the police.” This seminar is suitable for those who do not always think about the legal qualification of some of their actions. In this case, trolls, people with “shoulder straps” and “forage caps” as well as all those who consider it as banter, will be banned.

The last few years the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities make an effort to rid the world of hackers. A good thing that it’s just locally. Herewith illegal actions during the arrest are used, conducted unauthorized searches and other well-known for the films and TV series about-lawful acts.

The person who has come to the government website, is accused of DDOS attack. Remote access of the administrator to the computer of his company is an illegal interference. And the absurdity grows stronger. At this point there are only a few people in the law enforcement agencies realize what the hacking is. Consequently, the risk of being caught by “old school” interrogation officer, who admits sending emails to friends as a spam, a group of skaters on FB as an extremist group and Internet telephony as interruption to the telephone company operation is great.


 The event will cover the following topics:

Part 1. What are punished for, for what to admit guilt, and for what is still not worth doing it. D. Gadomsky, A.Lanbina 1.5 hours

? Spam.

? DDoS

? Viruses: storage, creation, use. Botnets, logical bombs, Trojan horses, computer worms, botnet

? Information system hacking, information and money theft

? Sabotage of data or networks

? Wiretapping, e-mails interception

? Spoofing

? Phone phreaking

? Use of borrowed computer network

? Social Engineering


Part 2. Who and how punishes. D. Ovcharov, 1 hour

? Which law enforcement agency to bear acknowledgement of guilt

? How to simplify the law enforcement agencies holding of secret investigative actions: assistance in case of outside observation, listening, telephone negotiations, removal of information from communication links and etc.

? How to give house tour properly during a search

? Skills of public speaking at carrying out interrogation

? Help the investigator to apply the correct article of the criminal code

? Help court to apply correctly ambiguous norms of the law and not to allow pronouncement of the verdict of not guilty


Part 3. Case-study. D. Ovcharov, Gadomsky, A.Lanbina 1 hour

Generalization of the received material on the example of real criminal cases


Dima Gadomsky, the attorney – con, the partner of IT practice and media right of Juscutum Attorney Association, persistently advises IT companies according to Ukraine-style matters of the law.   He processed far-reaching cases on cyber – crimes. Represents interests of the leading Internet companies. Feels sympathy for programmers, system administrators and hackers and if something happens, helps them to hurl back Security Service of Ukraine, police, State Automobile Inspection and trolls on Facebook. 

Ovcharov Denis, the attorney – fighter, protects not the law, but the rights, partner of the legal safety practice of Juscutum Attorney Association. He was found to be protected rights of FEMEN activists. Protects the rights of suspects in several large, and therefore nonpublic, criminal cases connected to leakage of confidential information and money theft.

Date held: July 13, 2013

Timing : 12.00 – 15.30 (Kyiv time)

Payment: 300 UAH ($38) – in case of payment till July 1, 500 UAH ($63) – in case of payment after July 1, 600 UAH – for legal entities

The detailed information and also registration questions and answers you will find on a site Smartme