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Blockchain Practice
Nestor Dubnevych

Blockchain has catalyzed transformation processes of Web 2.0 into Web 3.0. Search engines, messenger applications, storage and data transmission – all are being actively integrated into the so-called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Concurrently, cryptocurrency opened a new round of capital markets development, having offered a free access to trading and attracting investments (Initial Coin Offering), and having eliminated intermediate agents.

But, as it happens, a development of technologies is sufficiently ahead of regulatory processes. That is why the mission of legal advisors is to become a “bridge” between technologies and regulators, and at the stage legal vacuum to offer the best practices for resolving difficult issues, which will become a compromise in the circumstances of total legal limbo. Such decisions shall be the elaborated by the team of the Practice of Blockchain of the Juscutum Attorneys Association, constantly following trends of blockchain-industry regulation and “importing” legal mechanisms in cryptocurrency market.