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Artem Afian
  • Сonsulting
  • Licensing and other authorization procedures
  • Dealing with telecom networks and service providers
  • Representing before the National Telecom Regulator, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other regulatory bodies
  • Legal structuring of telecom business
  • Investment projects

It is difficult to find a lawyer in Ukraine who not only is versed in “classical” legal practices but also has a deep knowledge of telecommunications law and in-depth understanding of how telecommunications market works, what telecommunications networks are and how they function, what kind of commercial and technological nuances telecom providers face as they deal with each other and their customers. Since we did not find such lawyers, we had to become them.

Our team was born in a telecom company and we grew up in the telecommunications field. We are dedicated lawyers who think and speak in the same language as you do.

Our team can bring together highly skilled lawyers from other practices to help you realize the most ambitious projects.

Some facts about our team:

  • our experience in telecommunications industry is longer than 12 years
  • our practice extends to all business processes of the biggest service and network provider
  • we provided full legal support to the creation of a 3G mobile operator from its start-up tol its complete operation
  • we were the first who created a precedent in spectrum reallocation between two companies
  • we were the first who brought into practice national roaming agreements
  • we provided multidisciplinary legal support to Ukrtelecom in its dealing with UEFA during staging of EURO-2012 in Ukraine
  • we successfully resolved many disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • we created dozens of new models of agreements for telecommunications services and dealt with thousands of various agreements in telecommunications area.

“When twenty years ago I started my legal practice I could not even imagine that after some time I would celebrate not only the lawyer’s day but also the telecommunications’ day. Telecommunications industry is very specific, it is highly technological, intellectually provocative, dynamic and, no doubt, is worth dedicating your professional life ”