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Juscutum is among the Ukraine’s TOP 50 leading law firms

топ50 без логоBy moving 17 positions ahead since 2014, Juscutum joined Ukraine’s TOP 50 leading law firms in 2015.

The company took the lead in the TOP 50 list of high-profile public court and arbitration proceedings for challenging the seizures of property owned by Naftogazvydobuvannia PJSC. The case was dealt with by the team of White Collar Crime lawyers, including Denys Ovcharov, Partner, Kseniya Prokonova, Senior Associate, and Eleonora Salova, Associate.

In addition, Juscutum was included in the TOP 5 list of law firms dealing with IT (Artem Afian, Managing Partner, and Dmytro Gadomsky, Partner, IT & Media, joined the list of the best known IT lawyers). The company was as well ranked among TOP 5 major law firms based on the number of stuff employed (55 employees).

Juscutum mounted at the 44th place in the latest TOP 50 list. The thing is, we managed to make a huge step, or rather 17 steps forward. Juscutum is actually the champion among those advancing in the ranking. We owe our success to the work of the whole team of the company,” said Artem Afian, Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner at Juscutum.

“This was a real legal breakthrough of the year. Dumas wrote The Count of Monte Cristo at the age of 44. Otis Johnson was released after 44 years in prison. The video where he describes the impressions the modern world had on him is very popular among Facebook users. 44 is the United Kingdom dial code. Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. Now, we are No.44 in the TOP 50 list. Some couldn’t care less, but a number of lawyers, including me, are actually very excited,” said Dmytro Gadomsky, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, IT & Media.

Attorneys are as a rule included in TOP 50 list when their clients are experiencing hard times. Unfortunately, lawyers’ carrier success is as a rule driven by the challenges their clients face while running their own businesses. For much of 2015, we were taking a stand against the actions of the General Prosecutor’s Office. It turned out to be a strong opponent, though of limited logical reasoning and knowledge of the Criminal Procedural law,” said Denys Ovcharov, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, White Collar Crime.

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Background information

In 2014, Juscutum Attorneys Association joined the list of TOP 5 law firms dealing with IT and Media. In addition, Dmytro Gadomsky, Partner, IT & Media, was included in TOP 5 Intellectual Property lawyers ranking.

In 2013, Juscutum was included in TOP 5 list of law firms dealing with Intellectual Property issues.